Rejuvenate Your Skin with CBD Lotion
Rejuvenate and revitalize with Live Green's Muscle and Joint cream, and Hand and Body lotion! Both are derived from raw hemp oil and combine a number of effective, natural ingredients for maximum results.
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Hempseed Made Easy
With a smooth texture and natural taste, Live Green Hempseed Tinctures are made from the highest quality ingredients and are extremely easy to administer. Simply add one full dropper under your tongue, let it sit for a moment, and swallow!
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Live Green CBD Gummies
Sit back, relax, and enjoy Live Green CBD Gummies. Each piece is packed with natural Cannabidiol for maximum potency and best results.
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Make Everyday a Little Sweeters
Add CBD Honey Sticks to your tea or coffee as a quick and easy way to take CBD oil! Delicious and effective, each stick is packed with enough flavor to satisfy your sweet tooth while still providing the CBD oil benefits you expect from Live Green products.
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Experience the Benefits of CBD Hemp Oil

Best Sellers

CBG/CBD Full Spectrum Raspberry Flavor Gummy 600mg 30pcs
Live Green - CBG/CBD Full Spectrum Softgels 1500mg - 30 PCS
CBG/CBD Full Spectrum Sour Bears Gummy 600mg 30pcs
CBG/CBD Full Spectrum Immune Booster Gummy 600mg 30pcs
Live Green - CBG/CBD Full Spectrum Muscle and Joint Cream 1000mg - 4oz
Live Green - CBG/CBD Full Spectrum MCT Oil Tincture 1000mg -30ml
Live Green - CBG/CBD Full Spectrum MCT Oil Tincture 2000mg -30ml
Live Green - CBG Wax Crumble 800mg 1g
Live Green - Broad Spectrum Sleep Plus Capsules - 750mg - 30 count
Broad Spectrum Immune Booster Gummies 600mg 60pcs
CBD Night-Time Gummies Sour Bears 300mg 30pcs
Live Green - 250mg Black Charcoal and Turmeric Mask 6.5oz
Live Green - Viral-X Hand Sanitizer with Aloe 60ml
Live Green - Arnica Balm 500mg
Live Green - Apple Cider Vinegar - 300mg
Full Spectrum Exclusive Formula Raspberry Gummy 420mg 30pcs
Live Green Ground Coffee Dark Roast 8oz 300mg
Mystery Box $50 - Bath Bombs / Cosmetics / Creams - $130 value
Live Green Lip Balm
Live Green Eye Serum 30mg
Live Green Face Serum 30mg
Live Green Personal Lube - Female 1oz - 50mg
Live Green Personal Lube - Male 1oz - 50mg
Live Green - Hand and Body Lotion 250mg
Live Green Body Quench - 250mg
Live Green Body Massage Oil 8oz - 100mg
Live Green Foot Cream 4oz - 250mg
Live Green - Muscle and Joint Cream 4oz 250mg
Live Green Roll-On Muscle and Joint Cream 250mg
Live Green - Calm and Unwind Bath Dust 200MG 14oz (Isolate)
Live Green Soothing Bath Bomb 6oz
Live Green Bath Salt - Epsom- 100mg
Live Green - Tincture MCT Oil 600mg
Live Green - Full Spectrum Tincture 2000mg
Honey Sticks 10mg 25pce
Live Green Nutritional Gummy Multivitamin Mix
Gummy Fruit Slices 750mg
Gummy Worms 1150mg
Gummy Apple Rings 1500mg
Live Green - Broad Spectrum CBD Softgels 750mg - 30pcs
Live Green - Full Spectrum CBD Softgels 750mg - 30pcs
Live Green EasyDose Oral Dispenser 2250mg Formula - Unflavored
Live Green - Wax CBD Crumble 400mg 1G
Live Green Herbal Shisha 350mg - Tropical Mango
Live Green - Pet Treats Pigs in a Blanket 100mg / 200mg
Live Green - Pet Treats Steak 100mg / 200mg
Live Green - Pet Treats Bones 100mg / 200mg
Live Green - Full Spectrum Tincture for Pet Dogs 150mg - Bacon
Live Green - Full Spectrum Tincture for Pet Cats 150mg - Salmon
Live Green - Pet Spray 100mg / 200mg

Livegreen Hemp is 100% Natural, 99%+ Pure CBD manufactured in controlled, certified labs.

Every order over $100 is shipped free within the continental United States

From harvest to shelves, all of our products are made in the USA.

Our industry leading customer service team is available to help you with any issues you may have.

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CBD Edibles
Sweet and simple, edible gummies, honey sticks, and other CBD treats are a great way to take CBD on-the-go.
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Hemp Infused Topical Creams
Explore our cosmetics, we have a wide variety of products for you to choose from. Our cosmetic lines comes with a wide variety of benefits and is made with 100% natural CBD
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Mystery Box
Live Green Hemp offers 5 categories to choose from for your Mystery box. The Mystery box can save you time, money, and stress. The balanced selection of CBD items found in the box are also perfect for sharing with family or friends.
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CBD Pet Care Products
Improve your pet's overall wellness with non-toxic CBD for animals!
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Bath Bombs
CBD bath bombs offer more benefits than soothing sizzles and pretty colors. Each of our CBD bath bombs is designed with specific effects in mind and combine a wide variety of scents, essential oils, and 35mgs of pure cannabidiol to create that effect.
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Bath Bombs | Live Green Hemp
CBD Oils
MCT and Hempseed oils make dosing easier than ever before. Just place a few drops under your tongue, swallow, and you’re ready to take on whatever the world throws at you.
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CBD Crumble is a highly portable, waxy substance that is made of 100% natural CBD, making it a pure, simple method of delivery. It is extremely versatile, and can be added to other products and even vaped!
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Who is Live Green?
Live Green is an American company and all of our products are made, tested, and harvested in the United States. We stand by the quality of our work, and pride ourselves on our attention to detail, our customer service, and our open communication with customers. As a company, we do our best to further research and development of the CBD extraction process, and we hope to improve the overall quality of CBD infused products overall.